Sunday, December 4, 2011

"The funniest smart guy, or the smartest funny guy?" (I'll go with the latter)

I was showed this clip in my mass media and popular culture course this past week. I loved it so much that I figured I would share it. Jon Stewart is truly overlooked as one of the smarter men in our political system, and maybe he didn't start with all of this knowledge, but I think over time he has found a responsibility in himself and his show to counter the current political culture of misinformation. Now, I understand he still reminds us that his comedy central half-hour is purely fake news - parody - but it really does play a vital role in the dissemination of political messages and sets the record straight when there is so much demagoguery from politicians. The Daily Show does a nice job of cleaning up those unsubstantiated claims, and I love how Stewart lays the smackdown on Tucker Carlson in this clip! Something to be said too about a guy who can articulate his argument so calmly and clearly, never once being phased by Carlson's confrontational style. 

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