Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Economics of Cutting toward Prosperity (Republican plan as I understand it)

Their proposal is to wrap our arms around this massive debt we have and to take any means necessary in getting rid of it, or at least putting a dent in it. This inevitably means massive cuts to government programs, which range from medicare, to social security, to environmental protection, to research & development, to MOST importantly education (along with many more). If you don't know by now, their biggest claim is that they won't raise taxes to reduce the deficit. Yes, that means they wont raise taxes on you and me, but it means they also won't raise taxes on the wealthy or big business (they would rather try the trickle down theory and see if greediness is just a fluke). The Republicans would rather sell off government programs and properties and put them into privatization. Sure, it sounds like a good deal for the government to make a little money and in the process get a few things off its hands that it has to worry about, but I quite frankly don't trust the business world (especially after the economic crisis they have put us in). You see, in business there is always a profit motive - in government there is not. 

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